Monday, April 27, 2009

Quick April Update

Ten day since my last post! Oh my goodness, how life happens! Well, here is a quick catch-up of the last ten days: my little girl was sick with fever for a week (poor baby), she turned three (seriously, three already!:) ), and things are coming together for the farmer's market which begins in a little over two weeks. Let the pictures ensue...

My baby turned three! She still had fever the day before her party so we had to cancel having little friends come so they wouldn't end up sick. We did still have the family party, though, with relatives that didn't mind the risk. A good friend also didn't get the cancellation message and showed up to Ara's great delight and we pray they stay well and didn't catch anything! Ara was very excited to have her Lily friend there and sleepily remarked that night before bed, "My Lily friend is a really good little friend."
Here's one of her Lily friend :)

And the three year old princess herself.
For her actual birthday, she got to ride horses!My little cowgirl
She got to brush the horses too!
And the preparations continue for the farmer's market coming soon.
My loose leaf tea blends: Good Morning, Cinnamon Bark Brew, Women's Wellness and Good Night.
The tapers tied with ribbon and stacked waiting for more in the baskets.
Well, that should catch you up. I hope to get together a blog post soon with the "Best of" household tips I promised last month. Stay tuned...


  1. We were so glad we could come to Ara's party! No one is sick here, so it worked out just fine. Lily had SO much fun! Thanks for inviting us.
    Where did you take Ara horseback riding? That's a great idea.
    The teas and candles look great!

  2. Everything looks so great for the market! Good job! I am busy sewing my little heart out every free second I have! We need to chat... maybe I'll see you tonight at church?

    Anywho, I can't wait to show you what I've got going!