Monday, April 13, 2009

In My Easter Bonnet...

Welcome to the 2009 Virtual Easter Parade! Hopefully next year there will be more participants but this year we have four beautiful homemade Easter dresses to show!

Anne Marie from NaDa Farm made these beautiful dresses for her girls:

Shay made this adorable little easter dress for her daughter Leanna:
And here is my sweetie Aralyn Elizabeth in her Easter finery( I tried to narrow them down, really I did, but she's my little girl :) ):

I absolutely love seeing little girls in their easter dresses. Little boys in easter suits are also adorable. I saw one such little guy at Walmart the day before easter in his easter suit for pictures and it made me want to run right out and buy one for my nephew. I restrained myself this year as he is only a few months year though...

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  1. Oh my! I didn't even see this until now! (May 5th!!)

    and I'm so glad that I google imaged my na-da farm and then saw your link of me :)

    I lost your web-address :)

    Hope you are well, and would LOVE your candle and soap recipe...please....